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Meet the animals of Fosfelle Country Cottages

It’s not everyday that you get to see Alpaca’s roaming free outside of your house, unless you of course you are staying at Fosfelle Country Cottages!

Here we love our animals, and the children and adults who stay at our cottages are welcome to feed and stroke the animals when accompanied by one of the Fosfelle staff members.

We have our very own pigmy goats, Willow and Blake, three inquisitive Alpaca’s, Horizon, Oklahoma, and Indy, and an abundance of chickens, ducks, and cockerels.

“Friendly, inquisitive, and very funny, our own alpaca’s!”

All of our animal friends wander free within their own fields that are situated just outside of the barn converted apartment cottages, where there is a small gypsy caravan, duck pond, and sheltered enclosures.

The eggs that are laid by our free-range chickens are used within our restaurant, and provide, what we believe, are the best tasting eggs in Devon!

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